Title: HR Business Partner
Reports To: Chief Operating Officer & President
EEO Category: Professionals
FLSA Classification: Exempt

Position Summary:

For more than 50 years, Pneu-Dart has cultivated the best talent to deliver the best product and provide the best customer service possible. As such, we know the best talent lies in finding ideal team players, providing them with an environment where they can grow and thrive, while also creating a desire to remain engaged with the company on a long-term basis. 

With a mission to serve the best interests of others – candidates, Team Members, managers and the company, the primary role of this position is to effect change in the areas of recruitment, selection, onboarding, training development, and performance management. Strategies must be purposeful in reinforcing Pneu-Dart’s cultural values in each of these areas. Additionally, this position will be instrumental in shaping all other areas of Human Resources. 


The HR Business Partner is responsible for designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating the effectiveness of policies, procedures, and systems in the following areas. Continual awareness of applicable regulations, laws and best practices is expected. 

    • Recruitment & Selection
      • Determining and promoting Pneu-Dart’s employment brand 
      • Identifying needs and using the best sourcing options 
      • Using selection processes that best ensure the hire of ideal team players in both skills and cultural fit 
    • Orientation & Onboarding
      • Ensuring new hires are oriented timely and effectively through the introduction of culture, history, products, expectations, benefits, and incentives. 
      • Developing an onboarding process that quickly engages Team Members, educates them about the organization and moves them to effective performance at an accelerated pace
    • Training & Development
      • Establish programs to identify training needs and secure the appropriate resources for the applicable training 
      • Establish programs that encourage cross-training, career progression and preparation for other roles 
      • Provide supervisory and leadership development programs 
      • Establish programs that facilitate organization and team development. 
    • Performance Management
      • Working in collaboration with department leaders, develop performance management systems that ensure Team Members are aware of their performance, expectations, and progress. 
      • Establish and be involved in personal improvement coaching programs and disciplinary processes. 
    • Culture & Team Member Engagement
      • Develop programs that educate and reinforce the company’s values and practices
      • Develop programs to solicit feedback and input from Team Members to help make Pneu-Dart a great workplace. 
      • Provide outreach with meaningful and unified messaging to ensure Team Members have updated and accurate information. 
      • Act as a coach and advisor to managers and Team Members regarding any workplace concerns. 
      • Provide feedback to management regarding Team Member morale, including proposals for improvement. 
    • Working in collaboration with leadership throughout the organization, develop programs which influence all areas of Human Resources including:
      • Policy review and development 
      • Compensation Management 
      • Benefit offerings and promotion 
      • Reward and Recognition 

This position is also responsible for: 

  • Analyzing data, establishing budgets, setting goals and key metrics, and making data-driven recommendations and changes in areas of responsibility.

  • Providing input, coaching and direction to Team Members who are responsible for carrying out more detailed HR responsibilities. 

The ideal team player for this position is expected to carry out all responsibilities in the following manner:

  • Cooperatively and collaboratively with other departments in the organization
  • With a forward-thinking, strategic mindset to prepare us for growth and change
  • With trust and credibility garnered by understanding confidentiality and appropriate boundaries
  • With a mission to serve the best interests of others – candidates, Team Members, managers and the company

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities

  • Proficient with Microsoft Office or similar products. Specifically, Excel, Word and PowerPoint are key
  • Proficient with on-line learning and collaboration tools
  • Ability to communicate clearly and effectively in writing and verbally
  • Knowledge of regulatory requirements to support compliance and accuracy throughout all areas of HR 
  • Knowledge of employment law (Federal and State) while. utilizing various resources for additional information in these areas
  • Ability to read, draft and interpret basic legal documents and contracts

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, Business or related field with an emphasis in HR
  • 1-3 years of experience with broad recruitment, selection and training responsibility, broad exposure to/awareness of all areas of HR highly desired
  • HR/Recruiting/T&D certifications preferred

Mental and Physical Requirements

  • Sitting, standing, walking, speaking, writing and use of computer and phone
  • Ability to analyze and interpret information and data of a complex nature
  • Perform basic mathematical formulas
  • Primary work is in an office setting
  • Frequent movement about the manufacturing floor and other areas of the facility are required
  • May be exposed intermittently on a daily basis to noise requiring ear protection