Recruitment and Retention Coordinator

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Recruitment and Retention Coordinator Team Member 

Position summary: 
The primary role of this position is to effect change in the areas of recruitment, selection, onboarding, training and development, and performance management. Strategies must be purposeful in reinforcing PDI’s cultural values in each of these areas. Additionally, this position will be instrumental in shaping all other areas of Human Resources.


Assembly Production Team Member

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Assembly Production Team Member

Position summary:
The primary role of a Production Team Member is to work as a team member to assemble products consisting of different components to form a complete piece as per a Standard Work Practice.  Participates in the process improvement teams and programs.

Customer Care Provider

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Customer Care Provider Team Member

Position summary:
While upholding PDI Core Values, work within the Customer Care Team to provide organized, prompt, and professional care to our family of customers directly and through support of fellow team members. These processes may be done through various forms of verbal and written communication.

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Pneu-Dart Shipping Team Member

Pneu-Dart is seeking an Shipping Team Member

Position summary:

The primary role of a shipping team member is to assist and process shipments leaving our facility as well as receiving and organizing inbound shipments and supplies.